Sunday, November 2, 2008

from the eyes of me

it was an incident that i saw with my two eyes right infront of friend and i were at LCCT yesterday to send lil bro back to Kuching..well, imagine if u're and your family are going off holiday,ur maid will tag along...she's an old maid...then at the airpot, ur heavy luggage, not your husband who carry it but your old women maid who is carrying all the heavy luggage...don't u feel pity to her...aren't ur tough and strong husband supposedly carried all the heavy bags??why did the old women maid??please help her, she is not that, the moral of the story, if u wanna have maid and carry all ur things---do have more maids and younger and stronger...or else, for husbands,do your man jobs please even if u're the boss...

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