Thursday, November 13, 2008

i hate men with insensitive attitudes...

well, this is not about another song but it closely related to the song that i like...about the broke-up thingy and whatnot...i am sorry to hear that one of my beloved had just end up her do makes me hurt and irritated...why men like to make us suffer (sorry-this is not gender bias but it is based on my experiences) i had a few person closely related to me that had suffered from men's insensitive attitudes...i wonder why they give their heart, they pour us with lots of love and made us fall for them, but all they want to do is hurting our feelings...the reasons will be that they are not ready for the relationshio or what-so-ever...after tons of feelings and love that we gave and shared, and the reason to break up will be im not ready???if u noe that u're not ready yet, why did you make us fall for is not easy to erase the man that we love in our lives...i don't noe about the rest of women but for me i wont be able to go through relationship's failures over and over again...maybe that is why i'm still not bonded to any men up till today...i'm afraid of falling in love and at the end of the day i'll be suffered for the love that i have...well, im not against men and i'm straight but the way 'he' treated my beloved person has just made me feel irritated...plz give her a chance to breath and be happy not to make her sad again and my dear darling, i'm not going to pity u as that is what u asked me to do...but, i'll pray for u that one day u'll found a men of ur life..a men who deserved u more than he is...i wish u all the best and don't worry as i'll be always beside u...i'll be alwiz here to listen and to share with u...i'm not going to say i noe ur feeling as i'm not familiar with the love thingy as i was a failure in mine as well, but, i will promise to understand ur feeling and be with u to face the reality...TO MY BELOVED PERSON: I LOVE U MORE THAN HE IS...BE STRONG DEAR DARLING... :)


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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