Thursday, March 19, 2009

colours of life...

alhamdulillah, 1 down 2 more microteaching to go...sengsaranye...huhu...though the writing microteaching was a bit tingtong but lets make it as 'let bygones be bygones'... met mdm. vovi right after the class, n she said that im doing not so ok which i believe it was not ok at all...she's just being sweet talker i guess..but, she said that let just sleep with it and not worry too, here goes the long list of my esaimens and quizzes which most of it i haven't touch it at all...what a procrastinate person i am...OK blame me!!

  • *grammar microteaching
  • *literature microteaching
  • *SLA essay
  • *MELTA research
  • *literature journal
  • *grammar test construction
  • *grammar literature review *writing packages
  • *human development observational report
  • *group counseling personal development journal
  • *classroom management seminar presentation
  • *literature quiz
  • *writing quiz
  • *grammar quiz
  • *human development quiz
  • *group counseling quiz
  • *SLA quiz

WAHHHHH....BANYAK NYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xsanggup nk menghadapi hari-hari mendatang!!!dush2 sambil mengetok kepala sindri~~~

p/s: while searching for my topic for writing microteaching, i've bumped into one special topic which is "The Value of Friendship"...the topic falls under the theme of PEOPLE...well, it maybe sounds easy but i think it is hard to teach...if the teacher does not have proper lesson plan or method, the topic could be kind of boring telling the feeling of hurt, dispointed etc...but, i guess there must be someone who expert in the field of friendship a.k.a the professor of friendship that would be very excited and looking forward to teach this topic to the students...and all that i have to say, Bonne Chance dear!!!

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