Tuesday, September 15, 2009

salam aidilfitri...

Salam and Good Day to all...

after months and months of not updating the blog, i feel the need to write something new tonight...well, actually i wanted to write for quite some time but due to time constraint and the version of super-busy-student-teacher-life, i have to hold the temptation up until this very moment...there a lot of things going on my mind,they are like swimming and dancing all over me asking for me to throw it all out...but somehow, i am incapbable to do it due to some reasons..

am not going to write about the teaching and learning part either the post-practicum part as i believe most of us feel quite the same way or maybe the other way around...am not talking about the assignments as well because i did not start mine yet...so, tonight, along with the celeberation that we are going to have very soon,which is the day of victory for muslims-AIDILFITRI- i want to express my gratitude to all my bestest which were and are there most of the time i need them the most...it's been almost 5 years together and all of you are like the second family of mine...still, FAMILY first, oke... :)

from left: akak, mak, napisah, liyana and hani

Duhai sahabatku+akak

Semoga ALLAH akan sentiasa memeliharamu

walau di mana dikau berada, pada bila-bila masa

dan atas apa yang dirimu lakukan...

Moga ALLAH sucikan hati, indahkan peribadi,

diperbaiki amalan, hidup dalam keredhaan,

selamat di dunia dan akhirat daripada kemurkaan Mu, Ya ALLAH...

Jadikan iman sebagai pakaian, taqwa benteng pertahanan, cinta dan redha ALLAH jadi buruan dan semoga dirimu beroleh ketenangan...

amin...amin...Ya Rabbal Alamin...


- It goes to all of you as well, may Allah bless us!

- Salam Aidilfitri!




  1. amin~~

    may Allah bless u too darl..

    salam aidilfitri. mohon ampun maaf halal. untuk dunia akhirat.

    love u :-*

  2. ameen.. am touched. tsk tsk. love u hanna!5 years now? omg, cepatnye mase berlalu.. we are still counting,right?

    *hugs and kisses*

  3. ish2.wpon gambar belakang n pakai telekung,aku tetap paling menawan.cantek n berseri tuk berjumpa si Pencipta.

    btw, xoxo hanna.

  4. almost 5 years, i think...
    we are 4 n haf rite now...

    yep, still counting...


  5. erk!yg sorg ni mmg la suke perasan..tp xpe la,as we've been together for almost 5 years, da biase da...muahahaha...

    u're hot n cun babe!

  6. hani hot n cun??
    aku,na? aku?

    takpe, aku tau aku jelita. serta comel. serta pemalu sifatnya. dll. :D

  7. napisah,ko aku mmg xyah gtau pape pon..sbb ko sindri pon tau keistimewaan ko kan...heheh


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