Thursday, October 15, 2009

::funny and embarassing story::

this is a funny and embarassing story of a friend of mine...

this story is all about Miss Tick... fine morning, Miss Tick went out to the nearest park to do some brisk-walk.

before she left her house, she had this kind of mild-stomachache-feeling.

but, Miss Tick just ignored her feeling and went straight to the park.

at the park, after a few rounds of brisk walking, while listening to her songs.

she heard one strange sound.

and, the sound was like PrrRooTT~

without turning back, she walked faster and acted like nothing happened.

p.s: haha. actually,there were a lot of people around her.

p.s.s: luckily the sound did not came out with the you-know-the-smell.

p.s.s.s:if you were in that situation, what would you do??? if it was me, i will run quickly and smile to the people there...hahaha...


  1. ini kesah u eh? agagaggagagagag :p

  2. hoh! pe lak kisah i..kisah my friend la..i mane pg park, jogging2 neh..malas!


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