Thursday, October 1, 2009


it has been days of aidilfitri, the celebration is still on fire though people starts to move their ass on their work back,students have to face the reality of their life again and people like me will be living on my own dreams and enjoying every bit of it..what to do-live with it because this is what we call as life and life is unfair...well, let's talk about me and only me...hehe...basically,there were lots of things happened these couple of we were and still celebrating our hari raya, i guess the aura of hari raya is still in the air..our family's celebration was rather different this year from the usual celebration as all of us were preparing for my brother's engagement on the syawal,7th at his fiance's house in kepala batas, and my family with some of the extended family members had been stayed at my kampong for a week in preparing the big day..the color theme for the engagement were BLACK n PINK, and we managed to coordinate everyone's color.yeay!!! the event was a success thought there were some issues occurred through out the process as it was not easy to control too many heads as well as we had to burn our midnight oil in order to finish up all the 9 hantarans..emmm...i think it is best to let the pictures speak for me...

1.1st day of raya - bt.gajah's folks not included in the picture..sorry!

2. 3rd day of raya - kenduri doa selamat n went to ipoh in search of barang2 hantarans.

3. the whole 1st week of raya - preparing the hantarans

4. 7th of raya - the ENGAGEMENT DAY!!!!


  1. oooohh..hantaran maran!nanti bile time ko pulak buley la design sendri je kn?hik2

  2. hehe..pasti nk tggu time aku tu yg xberapa nk paasti..hahaha..hah ko bile lg??


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