Saturday, October 10, 2009

well well well

taken from facebook..well ES is one of the students at my practical's school.

the status:

ES: if i tha person who created EXAM is alive today.........his DEAD is on my hands.

VG likes this.

the comments:

VG:awww yea...u said it ! =]]

LC:..u shud be happi coz u can see those malays saliva dropping like waterfall! =D

ES:malays,if u gif normal easy exercise oso, their saliva will drop.....XD

me:oh!i smell racism here!

p.s: emm...i dislike the issue of racism!


  1. waahhh..manyak kurang ajar ini debik bru tau yg ckp malay saliva dropping tuh..kurengs!

  2. huhuhu...i don't noe what to say or what to's just more to saket ati..hahah

  3. omg! kureng punya budak! kecik2 dah rascist!! siapa yg rasa org melayu bodoh, dialah yg bodoh!! hahahah (defensive :p). hana, sentap sket students ko tuh! :))

  4. haha..tu la pasal izza..panas je aku bce,tu yg kasi comment sket tu..hah trus senyap,agaknye bru sedar kot yg ade malays dalam friendlist dorg tu..and it happened that the malay is cikgu dorg..hahaha..sentap!!


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