Wednesday, December 16, 2009

current state (^_*)

i am so sleepy.
i need my beautiful sleep.
but, i have tons of things to do.
yet, i have not doing any of it.
in three weeks time, im going away again.
to do the same things i have been doing for these five years.
but, i am not ready yet.
i want extra days to be enjoyed.
i want to run from the real world.
i want to be with my dear family.
still, i am looking forward to meet my friends.
even, i am not excited about the concept of going thru another-phase-of my-life.
hopefully i am strong to face the reality.
wake up hanna! this is not the time to daydream.
you have to work your *tut* out.
do what you have to do.
and let other things fall in their own places.

p.s: but, em..can i sleep now?? i am soooo sleepy..let me do the things i have to do later. ok.

p.s.s: oh thursday~ but worry not as i have my bestfriend to represent me.. :)

p.s.s.s: Bonne nuit les gens!


  1. oh thursday! i'm not worried too coz i also have my bestfriend to rep me ahahahahha oh btw, i'm going with u rite! :P

  2. the picture was damn cute.

    i have the same state as yours.but as we meet, everything will just vanish cause we will have so much fun together like we always do.



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