Sunday, December 6, 2009

the older the wiser

recently, the thoughts of getting older are insanely creeping in my head..what would it be if things turn to be like this?? or what about if it turns to be the other way around?? am i ready or prepared enough to face the reality or its just about time to come??? the thoughts of getting older freaking scared me when it comes to the responsibilities that I am going to hold with my own two hands. I am going to take care of my own self about every-single-thing: family, my mom, education, career, partner, bills, payments, house, car, and lots more on the list.. but mind you, I'm not afraid. it is just the feeling of worries about what would happened in the future.

of wedding and getting married. what the heck?? everybody is asking and lecturing me about this - the date, the partner et ceteras..ok, it's a bit of exaggerating..fine, not everybody but almost.. I am not against it..I love weddings and in fact I am helping in this one-special-wedding. I am glad and happy if my friends are getting married. I want to get married too especially when lots of people around you are getting married. but the thing is, at the moment, I don't have the one who is willingly to be my guardian angel, my saviour and my everything. so, I guess, for the time being, I am happy for who and what I am. this is not the right time for me yet, but maybe it's yours.. hopefully when the time comes, I am ready to face it. thus, let me enjoy to be with my family and friends first.

by the way, the reason of this post is just that I am too happy for the new members of the family. welcome my dear niece, Irisya, and nephew, Wafiq.. the two of you are such wonderful babies. now, I am an aunt with 5 nieces and 5 nephews.. aren't they make me feel that old?? ouch! i feel like an old lady even they are not my siblings' children but still WE ARE FAMILY~

these are their pictures:

Nor Irisya Shafikah

Meor Danial Wafiq

p.s: oh! niat asal entri sudah melencong...ting tong~

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