Monday, January 11, 2010

i miss you :(

well, i had terible weekend..or should i say wonderful weekend?? initially, i wanted to stay at home and start doing my assignment a lil bit here and there.. but then, my maksu requested us- my sis, cousin and me, to go for a talk in cheras. so i decided to go but not staying over at maksu's (remember, i have assignment to do..) thus, after the talk, we headed back to maksu's to perform maghrib and lepak a while then rushed back shah alam. we successfully persuaded my cousin to send us back and have ladies night since we have been planning quite a time yet no time to spend we decided to watch midnight movie.AVATAR..i know, i know, it's been weeks and weeks on screen..hehe..ok, we reached shah alam around 11pm and the movie started at 11.55pm..we rushed to jusco bukit tinggi, bought tickets and out to tesco shah alam as my cousin needed to buy something important..we're at tesco around 11.30pm thus,we drove insanely fast, walked faster and ran to catch the time..still, we're late 15-20minutes and the movie already started- quite lost at the beginning of the movie..huhu

AVATAR ended at 2.30am, we went searching for food..lepak2 at mamak's and headed house was locked up, and we can't enter my sister's apartment. the pak guard and mak guard were totally out of mind.. *berlagak-bagus-sangat-sakethati-gila-babs* ...we even decided to sleep at the Shah Alam mosque, but, while searching the proper parking, the guard and kariah looked suspiciously at us hence we decided not to sleep, we ended up sleeping in the car outside the house...i couldnt sleep though i was very sleepy.. it was hot and mosquitoes were flying around you..dem! huhu...around 6.30, went back to my sis's apartment and freshen up..while waiting the turn to bath, i managed to sleep for burning betol (mya akmal, 2010)...

off to pasar pagi shah alam at the Shah Alam stadium around was too sunny and hot!!! so we didnt take too much time there, just looking around and bought dear grandma a beg..then, we headed to my house, finally, and started parking to lepak2 at Ulu Yam..we're intended to cooling down after all what has happened.. however, there were a few scene that were not cool at all..we lost track of my sis and her friend as they went by using her friend's car..we took quite some time to gather back and by that time, it's raining...but, nothing can stopped us. we finally jump to the river though it's raining..hehe..after a while, we stopped and had our lunch at 5pm..hehe.. the rain was getting heavier, decided to go home. we kissed goodbye to the cousin, she was going home at ampang, we on the other hand went home by my sis' friend.

so, in total, it was an awesome weekend-fire burning weekend. and we are HOT!!! the way, i am happy..happy and happy..met safya, napisah's niece and the family at my house..safya is so comel..miss her already!!! by the way, i met mukhriz too at maksu's..he is already 10months with 8kilos..sangat BOLAT and TEMBAM..auww, manja betol, i loike!!!

how would i say this??

em i think miss you??
yes, i am missing you!!!!
but why???
oh! i dont know either.
do i have to have reasons to miss you??
duhai hati, sila bertabah okeh!!!!


  1. ahah. fire burning toi. gilesuperHOT kot kite! naseb xde kejadian membakar! ahahhhaa....


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