Thursday, February 11, 2010

can i have someone to lend me your ears, shoulders etc.

Alhamdulillah syukran, after some effort i have made last night, it is officially approved. Thank you to each and everyone who has made the effort. I am now in deeply need of someone who I can share and tell. The process is too tiring for me. It is not easy to handle especially when it comes to deal things with people. It is imposible to have everyone agree with us. If there is ten people, the probability of people who will agree might only be 9 max. There will always be people who oppose us that sometimes it hurts you too much. It is bleeding inside that I cannot stop it myself. I just hope that you can understand and let's give and take... :)

p.s: the fundraising activities are doing great~thank you for the great effort everyone!!!


  1. babe..chaiyok2!!!!u can do it!!!

  2. biasala..bkn sng nk puaskn hati sume..
    tp kita juz bole bg yg terbaik dan semampu yg bole...
    chaiyok2 dear ;)

  3. lyana: thanx dear...huhu
    pelangi nurani: thank you :)
    sugar2: betol2..kene selalu bersabar banyak2...


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