Saturday, February 27, 2010

what you give, you get back

Every single thing comes in package. And, things happen for a reason too. We are given with a brain to think, two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to listen. But why we are given with only one heart? The reason is because we have to find another heart to complete us. Auww!!So sweettt~

Well, that is the simplest example that things come in package as it happens for a reason. But somehow we are too blind to realize it. As a friend of mine said that there will always a blind spot in our life. When we are in the blind spot zone, we tend to not realize the causes and effects of our own action. We are not able to rationalize things and we started to blame others without accepting our own mistakes.

Sometimes, people choose to be ignorant as they think that ignorance is bliss. Come on, Please think about it again and again. Are you sure that by being so it gives you the never ending happiness rather than being idealist and think about the cause and the effect that will destroy your mission to achieve something. It is not that we are negatively foresee our future but sometimes we need to be pessimist in order to be ready to face the future that will never agree with you every time, everywhere and every day.

Life is tough. We need to endure it with the good and right things to do. Do not afraid to face it with an open arm and open heart. Be brave in making decision. Though we make mistakes and choose the wrong side of the road, somehow we will learn from it. This is how the learning process takes place. However, my dear, through out our journey in this world, please bear in mind that "what you give you get back". So, please do not blame others on your own decision as you are fully responsible on it.
  • if you do shit to others, people will do shit to you,
  • if you ignore others now, please do not questions why they ignore you later,
  • if you think you are superior now, you will not that superior later,
  • if you are being stingy with your friends, there will lots of people will do the same at you,
  • if you do not listen to others, do not worry people will not listen to you either


  • if you do good things to others, they will do the same,
  • if you appreciate your friends, they will appreciate you more,
  • if you mellow down a bit, people will love you a lot,
  • if you understand people around you, they will understand you too,
  • if you are willingly to spend you precious time with others, you will be surprised that there will be a lot of people will spend their time with you

AND, the list goes on...

ALL we need to do is to be good and be kind!!

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speaks only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
Audrey hepburn


  1. dan sy pcya life ni karma..what goes around comes around ;)

  2. sugar2: what you give you get back.. :)

  3. If u give a lot of luv, you'll get a lot in return..

  4. sanusi din: enough said, do spread love!!!!

  5. "if you do shit to others, people will do shit to you"...

    ahhhaaa dear, loike this!!!!! :D


  6. that's karma.. what comes around goes around.. =)

  7. kenwooi: so be good to others aite :)

  8. sounds pretty much like karma stuffs to me...

  9. ade time bile kite buat baik,tp org buat jahat kat kite..camne tuh?sabor je la kn??haha
    i lurve audrey hepburn!!
    nanti aq gi ipoh nk mkn sedap2 & nk gi pantai--aq xkire!!gahaaha

  10. papabear:hehe..what you give you'll get back.. :)

  11. lyana:bebeh, adat la tu..dugaan kehidupan namenye..ujian buat kite sebagai khalifah di muka bumi ini..

    let's jom..cudnt wait no more..hehe


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