Monday, April 5, 2010

a good sign. better changes. a new hope.

Last night I dreamt. It was not about you nor you, but it is a good sign. I have not remembered any of my dreams for quite some times. But not until last night or I can considered it this morning. Due to my pending assignments and Academic Exercise, I have to work extra hard. I slept late---> early in the morning actually, around 6 am. And, I woke up early with lots of energy and positive aura. I was not stressed up and I came to class quite early (not as usual...hehe ;P).. And, now I am still happily kicking and alive at the library. It is awesome!!!

Alhamdulillah. It is great when we can communicate with our unconscious mind. It is wonderful when the conscious meet the unconscious and they are helping each other to make a better world.. eceh! So, let's hope and pray for me this spirit and situation will last long.

I want it to stay forever. Have faith and believe in it.
InsyaAllah, everything is in your hand. Looking forward to the next session. :)

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