Thursday, April 1, 2010

kurang dominan??

Hurm...One of my closest friends said my future partner should be less dominant than me. According to him, I am dominant so it is preferable for me to have less dominant partner to neutralize the situation. But, I against that. For me, I want someone that is more dominant than me. I do not want to be neutralized but I want someone who is able to rationalize me. Someone who is able to walk the talk and not the one who is only talk the walk. I need someone who is capable in giving me the feeling of safeness, happiness and sweeetness. I need someone who can make me laugh, listen to my mumbling and rumbling without trying to hard to impress me. I want him to be simple and has his own belief and firm with it. He must be able to lead me and not the vice versa. And most of all, I need to have the feeling of being loved. By the way, to love and be loved is not easy.

Well, these are only my hopes. It will not necessarily fulfilled once you have fallen in love as we are blind when it comes to love. Note that, Love is NOT blind but we are. I just pray that there is someone that will bring me to the right path. So for now, it is not the time yet. But when the right time comes with the right man, InsyaAllah I will accept him with my open heart.

p.s: masih terus berdoa dan berharap :)


  1. ahhahaha. ahahhaha. according to him... betoi la tu... and according to you... mg betoi la pon... cube analyze blk... ahaha. ahhaha =PPP

  2. according to him betol?? apsal lak?? i siyes xpueh hati... apsal lak less dominant??

    according to me mmg betol la..huhu

  3. ahhahha. ahhaha. ahahhaha.

  4. fine! fine! fine!

    i terima la hujah2 u tu..

    fine! i perlukan yg less dominant..




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