Sunday, April 18, 2010

thank you.

I am thankful with everything I have. Like I said in previous entry, I could not ask for more. Every single thing and every single soul means a lot. I have no regrets in knowing and having them as mine. Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday was extremely fun and memorable one. I will treasure it the whole of my life. I was indeed (happily) crying last night as it makes me realized that there will be no more of April 17th 2010. And, rather sad as it will be the last time I will be spending my birthday with all the dearest as a whole.

No matter what, this is the reality that I have to live with. These are the things that make me as who I am today. I have learnt a lot and I am still learning. Experience is the best teacher and I am totally believe in that.

Thank you for the celebrations. Thank you for all the wishes. Thank you for all the prayers. Thank you for the love and care. I am full with happiness and love.

p.s: thank you akak for the lovely entry. love you lots!!!


  1. i <3 u babe!!
    glad u had a gr8 time..:))

  2. lyana: really had so much fun..may ALLAH bless all of you :)

  3. its a great thing to know u..sorry for everything hanna...lovelove u.


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