Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chipped Bone

Have you ever experienced this kind of situation?? Is it dangerous or it is just a little and normal injury?? I have no idea at all but now I am suffering from chipped bone and in fact it affects a lot of my daily activities. I am waiting for my appointment at the moment and hoping to hear from them soon.

These are some facts from my readings:

The Facts about a Chipped Bone

A chipped bone may sound better than a broken bone but actually the two are not too far apart. A chipped bone is actually a type of fracture where there is a chip--a piece of bone has broken off of the main bone. Chipped bones usually happen on all of the extremities, such as a chipped bone in the ankle, hand, elbow, finger, and places like these.

A chipped bone can have many different causes. These can include all types of trauma where a physical force hits a bone and is stronger than the bone. Because of the angle of the hit, you can experience a chipped bone instead of a fracture that breaks a bone into two separate pieces. Traumas which can cause a chipped bone are collisions, twists, blows and falls.

Etymology: Gk, osteon, bone, chondros, cartilage, itis, inflammation
a disease of the epiphyses, or bone-forming centers of the skeleton, that begins with necrosis and tissue fragmentation and is followed by repair and regeneration. Kinds of osteochondritis include osteochondritis deformans juvenilis, osteochondritis dissecans, osteochondritis ischiopubica, osteochondritis juvenilis, and osteochondritis necroticans.


  1. not fun. lekas sembuh sayang!

    and good luck for exam! :)

  2. sama...kuraku penah patah..hhancur kot kat joint..jari kelinking tu...

  3. syud: thank you darling.. <3

    kuraku: yeke?? kenapa jadi mcm tu??


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