Thursday, July 1, 2010

saya rindu...

BOOOO!!! It took me ages to update my blog. I am adapting myself with the current affairs. And, I don't feel like blogging. However, I have lots of things I want to share but let me keep it to myself I guess. Nonetheless, I want to share that I am having heartache at the moment. It may sounds cheesy or whatsoeva but I dont mind. There's nothing wrong to be honest indeed honesty is the best policy. So, here is my genuine confession which I would not dare to regret doing it. kebabom!!! tadaaa!!! here it is: I MISS MY FRIENDS BADLY!!!!!! huhu...Everyone has started working their ass off. I miss those days where we spent time together like there will be no days after tomorrow, all the pillow-mattress-floor talked, day-night out, mamam2 time, even gadoh2 time...huhu..seriously guys, I miss you no kidding!

This was during our pre-degree.

@ rumah sewa 17. Flat tikus mati..muahaha

Dinner MMS black n gold. Our first dinner.

During 50hours non-stop Debate. Buat keje separuh mati siap masuk Malaysia Book Record tapi xdapat2 sijil pon lagi..hahaha

In CTU class. Semangat beli handphone baru yang cume sekejap hayatnye..huhu

In one of our modules. Saat-saat akhir bersama handphone baru beli sebelum ia hilang.. T-T

This was during Operasi Handphone Mak yang jatuh dari tingkat 9 ke bawah..pagi2 buta around 1am-2am okay!!

Saket mata beramai-ramai dan pergi ke kelas. Gila stylo!

Zaman-zaman tunggu bus kat Suria.

With housemate before went to our pre-grad dinner.

220 U8A in memory.

p.s: there are lotsa pictures, friends and memories. these are just a few of it. enjoy!

p.s.s: i miss you so much!

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