Sunday, September 19, 2010

bulat hati

i think i've made up my mind.
it may hurt me.
it may hurt you.
or, it may not hurt you at all.
but, i need to make a move.
so that i will forget.
though it's not easy to totally vanish you,
at least u'll be set free.
i can't stop thinking about you.
and i can't lie anymore.
all i want is you to be happy.
and i don't want to be selfish.
one thing i want you to know,
it hurts me the most!!!!


  1. jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan kan hanna?
    aq pon maseh sgt2 saket lg ni tp sedang bertahan...:(

  2. Lyana: be tough dear! em, kadang2 kita sudah penat berusaha..

    mya: woot! woot!


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