Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ikan bakaq

My friends and I went to have our dinner at Tanjung Dawai. We ate ikan bakaq, tomyam etc..

The foods were delicious and yummy.

I am thankful and praise to God for a bunch of awesome friends.

I am grateful for all the good friends that I have all these while.

I am lucky to be having lots of wonderful friends that influence me to be a good person, insyaAllah.

I am hoping that it will last forever.

Dear you, lots of things remind me of you.

I couldn't leave 'you' even for a while.

I can relate anything and anyone with you.

Even when I close my eyes, I am still thinking about you.

I am drowning over here.

*Poyo lah kau. haha.

p.s: mengenali kamu membuat aku rindu pada kamu yang jauh. adeh! kenapa baik sangat!

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