Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The journey

Merbok - Melaka - Shah Alam - Keramat - Gombak - Ipoh - Manjung - Bota -Ipoh - Merbok

Fuhh! What a journey. My friend, my sister and I spent most of the time on the road. I mean, obviously we were inside a car. We talked, we sang, we ate, we slept, we did all these along the way of all these places. And, it took us for a whole weekend to complete this journey.

It was very tiring and it sucked up all my energy yet it was and it is still an interesting trip. I met a lot of people through out the trip. Not just a bunch of people, but lots of interesting incidents as well. The people, the incidents and the memory that no one could buy with money. It is priceless. And, I will treasure the memory!

It was an unplanned meeting that I was able to meet some of them, my love ones. Though I was not able to meet all of my sweethearts but I want them to know that they will always be in my heart. mode jiwang giler okay! ahaha..

Sometimes, we would not have to plan everything. We He says things to be happened, insyaAllah it will happen. It was good to see you. It was unexpected!! Even though it was a short meeting and we were not able to talk a lot, I am very happy. Super happy. Thank you so much for the time spent together.

By the way, it was hard to let you go. I was down with my emotion that night. And, I know it will be harder next time.

Thank you my dear friends and dear sister for being there for me that night. Only Allah could pay for all of your good deeds.

p.s: I love it when you nagged at me. It shows that you are concern, at least! Thank you!

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