Friday, November 26, 2010

2 important person, 2 important events and lots of love on the same day!

When we can only plan and the Almighty decides for us, everything seems to be possible. All that we can do is just raise your hand and pray. May everything will be fine and works its way. InsyaAllah, things will be sailing smooth. In my case, I had two important events in a single day. These two important events were involved with two important person as well as lots of family and friends. The situation was not that good which made me suffer a little. I had to think and consider lots of feelings as well as mine. I want to be there for both ceremony. How sad I am if I had to sacrifice one of them and I am pretty sure that I will regret it all the times.

But, Alhamdulillah, with Allah wills, I managed to be there for both events. All the hard work, pray, and emotional imbalance were paid off. Even though I can spent only a little time with them and a bit exhausted, but being there for them made me feel happy, at least. Congratulations Napisah and Shahri on your wedding day. Congratulations my big yet small in size dear sister, Mya Akmal on your graduation. May Allah bless all of you. Now, I am counting days for my wedding  graduation day. Hehehe. Another 2 days. Let's celebrate!!! oh! when will my turn to get married eh?? haha.

So here, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bestfriend for his kindness and concern. Thanks for accompanying me all the way even though I know you were really, really, and really tired. Thank you for feeding me with good food and good memories. You are such a wonderful man with a kind heart and a good soul. May Allah bless you!

Not to forget, I want to show tons of appreciation to my Miss Bestie for being there for me through my thick and thin moment. Thanks for spending your precious time to listen to my childish cry like a mad woman. Thanks to all your advises and concern. I owe you big time! May Allah bless you!

Most importantly, gazillion of thanks to my beloved family for understanding and supporting me and all my craziness. Without all of you, I would not able to make it. May Allah bless all of you!

Last but not least, to all of you who were there. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU TO BITS!!!

p.s: this entry supposed to be a photo entry, however, as I have written like a lot, so I think I have to post the photos in the next entry. Enjoy!!!

p.s.s: ada rasa macam tulis ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  untuk thesis la pulak kan. ngek!hehe



  1. u r so much appreciated.

    l o v e


  2. the pleasure is all ours.



  3. i love you hanna <3
    thanks for being there.. i owe u alot!

    thanks for being my friend. I couldnt ask for more. grateful enough to know u..

    may Allah bless you, hanna, ameen <3


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