Sunday, November 7, 2010

busy life

Pheww! I can say that I had a kind of hectic life for the past few weeks and it seems that the situations will be going on and on. I traveled back and forth from here and there which makes me as the economic's prime contributor in term of fuels, toll etc. What a life!!

And, last week I was busy helping one of my colleagues in preparing her sister's engagement dowry. It is such a good experience and it makes me feel good as I can help others. Indeed, I love making all those handcrafts. Maybe I should have my own wedding planner consultation. Ahaha, in my dreams!!!! By the way, the engagement ceremony went very well yesterday. I was all alone yesterday, excluding the  members and neighbour of cos,as the other friends could not make it due to their own reasons.

There were 15 gifts from the bride's side and 7 from the bridegroom's side. The theme color of the day is green vs black-red. Ours is green! eh! ours?? In my dream again!! I mean the bride's side y'all. Okay enough for now, I'll upload the pictures later. I am waiting for the pictures from my friend.

p.s: Green is my favorite color which made me enthusiastically put my effort in preparing the gifts.


  1. hahaha. entry ini funny.heee~. I miss you beb. bile nk jumpe nk borak. waitt~ ya dgr ura2 hanna x jd dtg 21 nie btl ke?

  2. i miss you too..nanti kite jumpe and borak2 k..mesti! em ada possibility..huhu


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