Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Moment to Remember

If I ever have lost my memory, I just want to let you know that I love you just the way you are.
You are just too good to be true.
You are such a kindhearted.
You are a nice person.
You are responsible.
You are very funny.
You are generous.
You are intelligent and smart.
You are an obedient child to your parents.
You are a good family member.
You are such a loyal lover though there are times you play the field too.
You are a great friend.
You are wonderful one, indeed.
You are everything that could be related to those nice words.

Maybe there are times you hurt others' feeling but I know they are glad to meet you in their life.
Maybe you are not good enough to the others but for me you are just fine.
Maybe you did flaws back then but people may change to the better one.
Maybe your words kinda harsh sometimes but the other time it consoles others.
Maybe for others you are too old or too young for something but age is just a number.
Maybe you are such a player but deep inside your heart you are not.
Maybe you look cold but when people get to know you they'll find you are easy to talk with.
Maybe some people assume you as cold hearted but as a person you are such a lovely one.
Maybe this and Maybe that.
Maybe yes or Maybe not.
You are who you are.

No matter what or how others may judge you, I will always thank God for letting me to know you.
I would never regret knowing you though what ever happens.
I learn a lot from you.
About life, love, family, friendships, money and lots more.
Thus, it makes me owe you too much.
Too much to handle and to too much to think.
I do not know what and how should I pay you back for your good deeds.
In fact, I will never be able to pay it all.
Perhaps, I can only pray for your happiness and may Allah bless you.

Uh! I have lots to say about you.
I would not be able to finish here.
Maybe I should keep the rest of it in the corner of my heart.
For it will stay there forever though I might forget you later.
You will always have your own place in my life that none could take it ever.
If you have became one of my past, you will be the wonderful one.
The one that has prepared me for the future.
The one that has colored my life.
The one that has accepted me for who I am.
The one that has proved me everything is possible.
The one who was always there through my bumpy roads.


p.s: a moment to remember. and, today it is. one of the many things. you have made my day and I am touched!

p.s.s: for those who have not watch it yet, please watch this movie "A Moment to Remember". and, do appreciate those you love before it is too late. trailer here. cheers!

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