Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Acoustic mood - Bila Cinta

I love acoustic. So very much..hehe.. I think I can easily falling in love when it comes to acoustic version of songs. I had dreamt of playing guitar on my own and even bought one for that purpose. Its name is Kasim Baba. haha. Unfortunately, I had difficulties in learning it (padahal alasan semata.haha.), so I gave up. But, I still hope that one day I am able to fulfill the desire. It is for my self satisfaction I guess.

And, I can also easily melting down if someone can play for me. Oh, how I have this imagination that someday my future other half will play a song for me. It will be good and additional points if he can sing the song very well. I will be the happiest person and love him more and more. hahahaha..verangan sangat!!! haish!

I found this video in youtube. I met him before as he was one of the photographer for my convo photoshoot. I did not expect he has such a good voice. And, he knows how to play guitarrrr!!!!!! weee~ Okay, here is his youtube channel Syahiran Sukardi. I am so gonna watch the rest of his collections of acoustic version videos. Enjoy watching everyone!!!!

ps.: psst! psst! i love you!! yes, you!!


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