Friday, January 14, 2011

Mind-blowing process.

It's been quite some time I haven't posted anything. The last entry was posted a few days ago. If I could put the blame, definitely it will be my hectic life. But that is not the option to do so. I should not blame anything or anyone except my self. Basically I have started my postgraduate study. It has been a month or so but I just attended the class recently due to my personal matters. What can I say about my study is that it is a mind-blowing process. Imagine, my first time attending the class, I had to do a presentation with my group mates. Alhamdulillah, it went well though we were super nervous. We thought that we screwed it up however a few of the classmates had this whoa-ed moment with us, and I guess it shows that we did it just fine. 1 down, lots to come. pfft!

I just do not know why but every time I went to the class or attended the meeting regarding my study I will end up having severe headache. Those lectures has been haunting me and ask me to think and think. Again, it's been a while for me and my friends in facing those assignments and presentations since our undergrads study. I have started to think this and that, here and there. It makes me want to puke and scream out loud. As for today, we went to the library, sat for a few hours and been discussing and reading on those things I am unfamiliar with or maybe those things are located somewhere in my brain that I have to re-located it back.

Well, somehow, I just wonder is this the right path that I am taking on or am I making the wrong decision? As for the time being, I am hoping and praying hard that I am able to cope with my roles in living the life to the fullest-a good servant, a daughter, a family member, a sister, a lecturer, a student, a good best friend, a friend, a colleague, an employer- A PERSON. May Allah bless us, all.

p.s: hope the best soon to come.


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