Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh! my Broadband

I am frustrated of the current connection, I mean my internet connection. It is such an annoyance! When you pay like a lot of money on it but the product is not satisfying at all. Yes, I am using the BLUE broadband which I have to pay more or less RM104/month. Imagine I have to spend HUNDRED ringgit per month but I just can use it best at night-early morning around 1AM-5AM. <---- this is my sleeping time, I need my beauty sleep!!!

I am working uolss, and studying at the same time. I have tons of works to do and lots of researches to be read, thus I need good network connection so that I can go through the websites/information without any hassles. Seriously I do understand the situation. I know the population here consists of students and most of them are using the same BLUE broadband. I understand the situation where most of us are using the internet at the same time and using the same connection. And, this is the reason behind all of the inconveniences.

BUT, dear network provider, if you have noticed the increasing number of users in this remote area, could you please do something for us. It is for your own benefits as well. You see, it's win-win situation here. Or, do you want us to terminate and change to the other network? I heard they are promoting theirs at the moment. I am desperately in need of good internet connection. I need to do my work as well as to get in touch with dear friends (oh blogging is included as well..hehe)

It's getting worst y'all!!!!

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