Saturday, January 22, 2011

those days with my beloved friends

I flipped through my photos during my teenage years. it sounds like I am too old la pulak. but the fact is I am still young lady but not gaga-ing for sure. The photos were taken during my uni years. Being melancholy as always, that's me..haha.

Well, I miss those days. I miss the friends. I miss the house mates. I miss the best friends. I miss the cat fights that we had. I miss the arguments. I miss the karaoke-ing. I miss the jalan-jalan cuci mata. I miss the makan-makan. I miss studying late at night. I miss studying at fast food restaurants. I miss jalan kaki together. I miss the jalan2-to-go-to-pasar malam. I miss the part kene tahan dengan polis. I miss those sharing is caring moment where we talked and shared stories like there's no tomorrow. I miss sharing foods together. I miss surprising them on their birthday. I miss watching movies with them. I miss organizing/going or anything related to programs/seminar with them. I miss stalking people together. I miss lepak2 at kedai makan.....and the list goes on.....but most of all, I miss being near to them and  I miss those moments wholeheartedly.

I feel like putting those photos in this entry but I know that it would not be enough. There are lots of them which I couldn't able to pick the best as all of them are the best photos. I have few friends and my circle of friends are limited but I am glad that up until today, my circle of friends consists of those people who can lead me to the right path of life. I might went to the wrong side during my younger days but He loves me I think that He leads me to my beautiful companions I have at the moment. Alhamdullillah and Thank You Allah.

Each of you has your own impacts towards my life and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to be one of your friends. I just want you to know that whatever it is, you'll be my best friends forever.

"kawan ketawa senang nak tukar ganti tapi kawan menangis yang ada saat susah dan senang sukar dicari dan ganti" --- my reminder to myself.

Thank you my dear!

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