Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have BIG dreams!!!

I have neglected the blog for quite some time. It feels bad, you know! It is like you are abandoning something that is a part of you and you are aware of it. I can give reasons or maybe excuses but some people may not believe it. So, I think why bother to mention all the reasons or excuses here. And most of all, is there anyone care about the blog's existence! Hehe.

Today, I feel like blogging and that's it! Here, I am backkk!!

I have dreams. We do have dreams! But I dream BIG!!! It is so big that sometimes I could not stand the pressure myself as there are lots of things to be done in order to achieve my BIG dreams. I have been thinking about it again and again until I finally told my friends about my worry. Alhamdulillah, I am glad that I let it out. At least, I have full support and they are now able to see my dreams. Hopefully I can achieve my dreams soon!

I am working on it at the moment. Let's pray I can sail it smoothly. I will be very happy if one day I can write about my journey going to the top! Well, I feel like telling my dreams here but I am shy shy cat! hehe. Maybe later I will post an entry about my BIG dreams and as for the time being I will keep it to myself.

I wish you all the best as well! Berusaha! Berusaha!

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