Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dalam hidup ni, kita cuma diraikan untuk 3 perkara iaitu kelahiran, perkahwinan dan kematian. I have lost the most beloved grandma yesterday. The one who took care of me during my childhood, the one that once i mistook as my mother when i was a little kid. The one who love me unconditionally. The one that will always excited when lots of people come to see her. The one who misses her children and grandchildren dearly. The one who will always welcome us with open arm and open heart. The one who will hug us and cry when we are leaving. The one who work real hard in taking care of her sick husband. The one who will be worried about the husband though she was in real pain. She's the one. The one that I will always love wholeheartedly.

Dear Opah, may you rest in peace and be amongst the solehin. May the peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you Opah sayang. Indeed, from Allah we come, and to Him we return. Stay strong, Allah is with you.

p.s: Opah, this is so sudden. Unexpected! One thing you should know is I love you so much! will always be.

p.s.s: Al-fatihah.

Siti Halijah binti Puteh Mariam (12 April 2011)


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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