Friday, September 23, 2011

The Messages from God

I have been receiving lots of messages from God in which the messages are not directly sent but through people I  love the most and through incidents happened one after another. I have to admit that sometimes I could not register the message even after quite a while. When it passed too long to be remembered, then it comes to my sense that it happened for sure for a reason He knows the best.

One thing for sure, all the messages are sent to me in order to let me know that He loves me still. So that I will be strong to face all the challenges or circumstances and whatnot. For me to realize I should be thankful for having such beautiful people family and friends with me. And not being ungrateful to complaints everything.

And, as for today, I have received two news, one is a good news and the other one not so good news. Both news are too confidential for me to let it out in public. But I am happy for you my dear, You are achieving one by one of your big dreams. I am looking forward to meet you and of course I am very happy for you. Love you lots! For the second news, it is about me. Which makes me think that I am meant to be here and to help those kids in need. Maybe that path is not meant for me and I am not qualify or suit to be in that environment. By the way, I am happy with that. No complaints!

Indeed, I have no time to complaints as I have engagement's 'hantaran' and ceremony to look forward, papers to be marked, family who is going to come over the weekend, assignments to be done and classes to be attended. What a wonderful life I have!!!

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