Saturday, October 18, 2008

love is not in the loser..

okay.i like it wrong to like, i don't think so. so let me be, just don't stop me from liking him. i noe that im not able to get him, so what?if u like somebody, that doesn't mean that u'll get him.this is real world,ladies n is not like in the movies or dramas tht they put u to believe that u r goin to have happily ever after live once u like someone.this is REALITY.yeahhh!i noe that im hurt as he is reaching his next level in life, but as i said before, it's just that the feeling cannot be stopped.but, i noe my limit.i will try not to like him anymore.this is not my promise but i will try.i have to try hard, i think so, as i don't want to ruin his life.i noe some other girl is just for him. she deserved him more than i am. she work hard to get him while im jut sitting here without doing nothing. hey! i did do something but to compare with that girl, i think my effort is just nothing to be counted. i really understand the feeling of getting hurt, so i am not going to hurt that girl's heart just to satisfy me. i am not trying to be an angel but deep inside me i know that i am nobody that ought to have his heart. it will be grateful for me if he is happy and doing good with his life..and im happy for the girl too.she is just so lucky.. hopefully they will live happily ever after...amin..

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  1. luv is such a damn complicated matter...
    not all ppl r as lucky as they r...
    me???unlucky gaks...
    fell most of d time ;(
    n as 4 now, tah...stil hangin gaks!
    wut can we do, xcept 2 keep on prayin n neva givup!


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