Saturday, October 18, 2008

deep inside..

one day, when u wake up and look beside, then u realize that there is no one there. all this while u are all alone. u take things for granted and they hate u for what u did. then u realized again that everything u've done is just meaningless. ur thoughts are not as briliant as u think instead thay hate it. suddenly, u feel that u're not belong to them tht u not deserved them as company. though it hurts, but u hv to pretend. u hv to lie to the world. it hurts; the situation, the relationship etc..up until now, the foundation that built is just not enough. the base is fragile n as time pass by, it will collapse..even if u feel cheated, u hv nothing to say or's not that u're afraid of them but u just don't want to ruin everything though it is..u may think that life is treating u unfair but is there any in life that u think is fair?

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  1. ler...npe neh beb?
    but life hates me so wut 2 do ;(


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