Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my dear darling sister...

this is my 10years planning...haha...

Age Accomplishment
23 - grad/work in professional field (search for scholar 4 my master)
25 - get married (wonder who is the luckiest person on earth)
26 - my first child
27 - further my study (master) overseas (preferable: NZ, OZ, France, UK)
- bring along husband (either he works there or continue study as well) and child
28 - second child - born there
- bring mak to have vacation and stay with us
- at least a year or maybe more as long as mak willing to
30 - another child (3rd child- maybe twins)
31 - finish my master
- work there/saving money - by earn a lots of money(hv to work hard both husband and wife)
32 - another child again (maybe the final one - no 4th or 5th
35 - back HOME (malaysia)
- bring along all family members
# husband, the children (4 0r 5 depends if there are twins or not) and maybe mak if still with us
- settled down
# good jobs / business
# big house
# cars (one for me and another one for my husband)
# good schools for the children
# send mak to Mecca (mak's around 64 or 65 years old)
# make big money :)
# if god wills, i want to continue my study to PHD level
# happy marriage and happy family

p/s: this is my dream's list and my hopes, i want to achive these in my life..hopefully, it will become reality, with god wills..amin...

im sketching this while i was studying last nite around 3 in the morning and alone...(so ni la hasilnye bile alone..haha)

btw, what urs???

1 comment:

  1. hahaha...
    well well well...
    i will alwiz pray 4 u darl...
    perhaps ol ur dreams will bcome true insyaallah...amin...

    p/s: eleh neh tgh semangat sb hes back ler tu...u-noe-who...


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