Monday, November 10, 2008

my hope...

it's has been 2 days after we had a very unforgotable dinner with some of the VIP friends. The dinner was expected to be held at one prestige place but due to some reasons, it had been changed to somewhere we're familiar with. The toughts of making us surprised, did actually really2 surprised us... As we were picked up by 2 gentleman with handsome sport car, it made us to expect high,but, when the truth was was rather hurt than the feeling of humiliated...we were not demanding but the idea of having a bussiness dinner was just not like what had happened...somehow, i have to admit that the foods were delicious and ok...we got a new year planner each and that's very thoughtful gift...thank god, after we survived ourselves during the dinner, we were treated with ice cream and fries from mcd as a treat of was accepted and we had fun enjoying the night with the 2 gentleman and the handsome sport car...after that, we had another meeting with them as to redeem all the info and thoughts from us that supposedly been delivered in the previous dinner (which had been spoiled)... consequencely, it made me think that it is true that to make a move to another step is just not easy, there will be lots of challenges that we have to face before we can taste success... i have believe in what i am doing and involving right now...the relationship that bind us will be a unique that no one would understand..i am here hoping that our things will be going smoothly not in the mean time but for the rest of the time...
gambate ne minna san!!!bonnce chance les gens.... :)

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  1. u just remind me of those moments. haha lawak lawak!


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