Friday, November 7, 2008


i have french paper in less than two hours from now..but i don't finish revising the lesson yet and i don't feel like finish it..huhu..and to make it worst, i am having stomachache right now..the pain suddenly accompany me from this morning..i just dunno why it has to be happened right now...i cant concentrate, i think of lots of things, lots of people...and it hurts me...last night, my friends and i were pillow talked about my love life...then i realized that i haven't had that such serious conversation about my love life with them just i don't feel the need to share..erm maybe i'm embarrassed with my story...but then, they gave good advices to me and the way they think was just exactly like what i have in my mind...i think maybe i'm afraid to be involved in love matters i keep on thinking that this is not the right time for me...but, in a movie that we watched together back at home right atfter multicounseling paper, it says that everytime is a good time...when it comes to heart and feeling, there will be no perfect there will be perfect for every time...and at the end, here i'm sitting and blogging as im clueless and hopeless...

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