Tuesday, February 10, 2009


my last weekend was fantastic as my friends and i spent our precious time to be as urusetia for leadership camp..what i can say, i enjoyed the moments and will be missing each and every craziness and silliness made by the other urusetias through the camping trip. they made my weekend and they colored my life... i am grateful to have them as my team members, as friends and as companion. the only thing that i regretted, i was not joining the burung hantu session as i was very sleepy that night, afraid that i would be left alone in the jungle when they actually return to the camp side as i was sleeping deeply...hehe...other than that, i am satisfied!

p/s: some of the participants called me as kak hanna yang garang today at the faculty...am i really garang as i've been called by that name since my upper secondary years...huhuhu...what do u think?

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