Wednesday, November 25, 2009

::give and take::

Looking back for the whole last semester, I was doing my practicum at one of the high schools in klang. the experiences are worthless that no amount of money can buy. The whole three months of teaching will not be forgotten but will remains as a guidance for me to walk through my days ahead. I miss my days as a teacher and i miss my students a lot. The feeling is pure and no hidden meaning it in. I want them not to remember me but my teachings, my words and my thoughts. My pray will always be with them and i hope they will become successful people in the future, insyaAllah. Now, it is not the time to looking back and regrets but to move forward and live with it with the hope that I have been doing the right things to the students, my family, friends and to myself.

The experiences, somehow, turn me to be a better person. I personally think that the experiences influence me up until today. It changes the way I think, the way I dress, the way i talk and the perspectives of my live. It makes me realize who i am and the things that I have to do. I believe that I am more mature than yesterdays. I've been discussing with my friends that we are changing to the better person. If before this, we love to waste time by going out, doing nothing and wasting money. But, recently, there will be some sort of motives or causes for us to catch up with. We discover and experience a lot of new things for good. And, hopefully it lasts forever.

The most valuable lesson I've learnt throughout the bittersweet memories is the important of keeping good relationship with people around us. There is no exceptional reason to forget any of them as we are not living in this world alone. We need them all the time as the pillars or supporters or even both of it. It hurts even by neglecting them or being neglected for seconds. I need all of them to be with me in facing the world. I am nobody without them.I did try my best and hopefully I will do better after this.

p.s: to dear you, if I've been disregarding you all this while please forgive me. I am truly sorry. I will try to sort things out and make things better.

p.s: I love you!


  1. a great one! glad to be with u in experiencing n discovering new things :) thanks!

  2. thanx a lot to you,too...hopefully there'll be a lot of new things to experience and discover soon.


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