Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.the thought that counts.


one of my bestfriend called. a short one but that is not the whole point. the point is, he made a promise to cook spaghetti for us. as requested to belanja from the other friend of mine, he said that it is more valuable and precious by having him cook for us. *slurppp!
oh! how i miss you my dear friend(s).


  1. yeah! couldnt wait.. if its lasagna,would be much better since i've been craving for it. hopefully yana will read this and make me one :)

  2. napisah:hahah..hopefully she notices this post..hahah..owh spaghetti..hehe

  3. nti nk cket bole? mam smbil dgr lgu tesebot 44x ahakss :p


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