Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah...

I have fully RECOVERED...I am now is a new person, Alhamdulillah. thus, it makes one of my new year resolutions achieved. I can now declare that I have nothing to do with it anymore. it just the matter of open-up and let things go. it is one of my biggest achievements. it's not easy to be recovered as I am now, it took a lot of times, energy and lots more. however, it worth a thousand mile. to be in that situation, I have no regrets with, but thankful that it helps me in searching who am I. indeed, it thaught me the real meaning of life and feelings. the world is not revolve solely around you. the realisation is something that money can't buy. though the experiences are full with those bittersweet memories, yet I am proud that I was chosen to be challenged that way. I am stronger than yesterday. and, what most important to me is that the tie between us getting even stronger and strengthen. though I have doubts in making it clear, but, I think no matter what I will let it out of the box soon, when the time comes. I know I dont want to lose you, but, if it's the price that I have to pay, I'll accept as long as you'll find the true happiness that you're searching for. as for me, I don't know what are they in store for me in the future. I guess, by Allah wills, I have plenty of time to search for it. and again, when the time comes, everything will makes sense. experience is the best teacher, and I agree with it.

" Kadang-kadang ALLAH sembunyikan matahari, DIA datangkan hujan petir. Kita bersedih dan tertanya tanya ke mana hilangnya matahari, rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi yang indah. "

p.s: thank you my dear friends for making my day.. I wish the others are here too.


  1. gile!


    eh nape i duno nythn neh?


  2. gile u kate i??
    it's nothing my dear, it's just a realisation hit me on my face and suddenly u realized everything make sense!!!

    love you!!


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