Sunday, January 17, 2010

this I promise you

these two are some of my bestfriends that I cherish my life with.

I have less friends to be compared with others. I guess I can count my fingers on the list of friends I have. but, that is not something I whining about yet I am glad to have less friends. for me, it's not about quantity that we care most, but the quality of friends that they uphold with. as I am getting older, ok I admit it, sometimes it's tiring for me to work hard on making relationship with friends successful. it's not that I am not working on it, but somehow they refuse to be in the same process, thus, I just let them go by hoping that they will be happier without me. okay, through out years of living, I am grateful that God has been kind to me and giving me the best people in my life. despite the bittersweet experiences, I know I have good friends to turn to. they are the kind of friends who wont let you facing the hardship alone. they are not only share the happy moments but vice versa. looking back each and every stages of my life, I have been granted with good friends who eventually lead me to be a better friend, sister, child, person as well as a better muslimah. if they were not there, I guess I wont end up being who I am today. I know that I am not perfect, no one is perfect, but I will try to be a better person. thus, by having them as my friends, it will help me to find the light!! I guess the time is going to the end, so I have to treasure every second of it. it's not I am going to end it up but as human, we don't know the future. we can predict but not determine it. so, for good things or for bad things might happened, I don't want to regret it later. hence, let's enjoy the moment that we have now. appreciate each and every of them. love them lots. and, insyaAllah they will love you more. Thank God for giving me such opportunity. I am blessed.

p.s: i wish the rest of you are here. cepat pulang!!!! hehe...

p.s.s: i miss all my friends from childhood up untill now. kindergarten, tcsian, stekrians, teslians etc.


  1. hanna sori kerna xdpt hangout...huhu
    eleh aq ajak joggin xnk!!
    aq skang bz cos' skola hari tu ada larian & now bz preparation utk hari sukan..hehe

  2. mya: comel i was kan that time..u just admit it..hehe..

    Li: dont worry about it..we still have lotsa time..i love you..

  3. Wow such long time of friendship huh. since kindergarten. Usually friendship will slowly change when you gets older but you manage to keep some that you cherish them till now. It's a good thing. Hope your friendship will last till the end.

    Regards from cr3ap

  4. blogwalking here..
    click ur kotex 4 u.. ;)


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