Sunday, January 3, 2010

love hurts

this is the first entry of the year.

the clock is ticking. time is running faster than i could ever thought. there is no time to turning back and regrets. it is all about moving on and getting over with. i want to be different. the brand new me. everything is just not the same anymore. the good side or the bad side it is, the matter of fact, every of it contributes to what we have and who we are, now. i want to be stronger than yesterday so that no one could see the weaknesses and the fragility of me. tomorrow is just the beggining where it will lead to various path that can be chosen to shape the future. we might be wrong in making decision yet the process of it will help us to review the way we see the world and change for the better. the world does not revolve around us solely, that is why we should not be concerned excessively with oneself by not sharing our life with people that we care and we love most. do not wait until the final minutes that we have to share with them. i am afraid that it will be too late to catch up things. appreaciate each and every of them while we can even sometimes we suffer ourselves by doing so. but believe me, the time spent with them is precious and it worth a hundred thousand miles. i know how it feels as i learn the hard way.

anyway, this is the last day of spending my quality time with dear family. it has been around three months and this is the longest semester break that i spend with my beloved family. i have been quite busy the whole break. there are lots of things to settle with but somehow it bridges the family ties within the nuclear family members as well as the extended family members. day by day, we are getting closer and closer, not that we are not closed before, but, to the extend i could sadly cry or cry happily just for small and silly things. last night was the closing dinner with dear family. and, since beloved mother's birthday is just around the corner and we might not be able to come home later, thus, we did a little birthday suprise last night. Alhamdulillah, beloved mother loves the surprise soooo much. it was rather touched and heartmelt when beloved mother did round table to kiss each of us. not just that, beloved mother accompanied me doing some stuff the whole night. we chatted, we disscussed and did things together. how wonderful motherly love is, isnt' it??.

now, it's the time. i have to face it. dare or no dare. let think positively and look forward each and every day. OH! love hurts!!!!

p.s: additional resolution, searching for my green apple. please pray for me eh!

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