Friday, January 8, 2010

bila rindu

it has been days of not updating the blog. there were lots of things happened and i really want to blog. but, due to time constraint and the laziness creeping inside me, the desire of blogging was put aside..please dont blame me, but me... (^_*) okay, i guess there were too many stories to tell in this entry, so i'll just make it short and sweet (just like me *wink2)..

1.went back to shah alam, unfortunately, my sis and I were 3minutes late from the departure time, thus we're missed the bus. we tried to get another bus and yeah we did it. the ticket's price were cheaper than the previous bus, thus, we're super happy as we managed to get another bus as I have class on monday. again, unluckily, the bus stucked in the middle of the journey. so we had to wait for another bus to pick us up. imagine how would you feel if you have to stand through out 60++ minutes journey to shah alam together with almost 80 passengers. wtf! I was super tired, cramp, exhausted and hungry!!!! the journey from ipoh-shah alam took almost 5hours..

2.after all the bitterness, as soon as I safely arrived home, my dear friend who promised to make us spaghetti called and sent us the amazingly delicious pasta ever..ececeh..and the pasta was delivered by him (and it was raining okay!) the pasta was superb. IT'S FINGER LICKING GOOD!!!! oh! btw, the sauce was made by him and not using preego etc. so, dear you, can we have another shot of your heavenly delicious with love pasta..ahahaha... (^_*)

deepest appreciation to you!!

3. it's Napisah birthday the day after..even though, she personally asked the friends to have lunch together2 to celebrate the day, however, some of them could not make it. they had other things to deal with..but, that's okay, life must move on. thus, the rest of us had lunch with Napisah. the food was ERK! sorry Napisah.. (will post another entry specially for you!)

4. after lunch, went straight away to class. it's the first meeting for the subject and we're a bit late but we apologized okay!!! so, we need to organize a seminar and i will be playing a big part of it, ehem..thenx to dear friends OKAY! oh! i really need moral support from you..and you...thinking hard whether i can do it or not... :(

5. the rest of days, we ronggeng2 rokiah..berjoka-joka..

6. it's just the beginning of the semester. it's only a week..which means it's only 5 days of the new semester but the works are piling up.. we have 3 presentations to do, as well as the reports, and we're the first presenter!!!!!!! there are lots of reports, presentations, journals, article reviews, seminar etcetras..last but not least my can i enjoy my final semester?????

p.s: tensi.


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