Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Get Well Soon

salam and good day...

this entry will be a simple and short one. dearest readers, my bestfriend's baby brother is hospitalized at the moment. his eye is badly injured due to an accident at his school. and, today, the specialist needs to get half a pine of his blood to treat the eye. let's pray for him and for the family. i can't do much but with the small help from all of us, it means a lot for him and for the family..let's pray he will be all right..please click here and here for the full story...

yours truly,


  1. semoga beliau cepat sembuh dan for his parents, sabarlah....

    Jom Jimat Air

    Jom Assam Laksa.. Sedap

  2. thanks hanna :)for the very beautiful entry..

    thx sharinginfoz


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