Tuesday, January 26, 2010

smile and the world smiles back at you

it is stressful to be in the final semester. of all the expectations and the thoughts after graduation is killing me softly. i have lots of assignments and task to be completed but somehow the brain refuses to work on it. indeed, i have one assignment to be submitted tomorrow yet i have no appetite to do so. if i can listen to my own brain, there will be lots of buzzing sound here and there as i think too much to the extend i could not focus on any single thing.

of seminar and fund raising. well.well.well. please you two, can you just go away!!! at least for a while. let me breath and enjoy my life without worrying about both of you. i am annoyyed, you know. to organized and to manage is not easy and not fun at all. especially when you have to face a few challenges. BUT, this is a learning process, right! please calm down and i know somehow at the end, i can do it. i believe all my classmates are capable in handling this, too.

so here are some tips to manage stress, yeah i know, it's for me too..

1. Go for a walk : em, it's 2.56 in the morning..so where should be the best place to walk??? K.I.V

2. Spend time in nature
: again..it's too late or too early to spend time in nature... K.I.V

3. Call a good friend : i wanted to call but i guess it's not appropriate to let the good friend meddling up in my problems.

4. Sweat out tension with a good workout : i am not in the mood to do any workout. :)

5. Write in your journal : this is what i love the most indeed i am doing it right now. i am blogging about it. wee~

6. Take a long bath : too cold!!! K.I.V

7. Light scented candles : where is it the lighter eh??? K.I.V

8. Savor a warm cup of coffee or tea : i did this. i just had a cup of hot milo..awesome!!!

9. Play with a pet : is superpoke pets can be considered as a pet??

10. Get a massage : everybody is in their lala land. who else should i seek to massage me.. K.I.V

11. Curl up with a good book : i love reading but at this moment i am afraid i fall asleep if i am curling up with books. K.I.V

12. Listen to music : my roomate is sleeping and my headphone is not function. can i be selfish and volume up my music player?? huhuhu

13. Watch a comedy : last but not least,i guess i have to keep comedies in my laptop. i may need some dose of it once a while..

the list goes on....you may do the suggestions above. it is good for your health. do not stress yourselves. let's enjoy our life. if you feel you have something to share, please do so. it will lessen your burden. and, do spread your love to those people who deserve it... :)


  1. babe,nanti2 kite gi jogging aite??hehehe
    relax & jgn stress2 sgt..aq pon penin memikirkan AE.

  2. Lyana: mari2..tekanan tahap super saiya neh..huhu

  3. You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

  4. anonymous: thank you, i take it as compliment :)


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