Sunday, February 7, 2010

kalau kau mahu lari, sila lari jauh-jauh

I have been keeping this for quite some time. I think this is the best time to let it out. I have had enough. I want to shout but I can't. I want to yell, but I could not. Thus, I am writing it out. So, please bare with me. Well for me, relationship is a strong word. It can be defined in broad views and different perspectives. Frankly writing, relationship can be a connection or association with anyone or anything. And, again it reflects with our Hablumminannas Hablumminallah. Through out twenty two years plus plus of living, I cannot run from relationship. It is there and everywhere surrounds us. Where can we hide if there is the One up there who is watching us all the time.

I am not a good person nor you. Everybody makes mistakes as to err is human. I have been through relationship's problems here and then as well. But, can we just let bygones be bygones?? If you do not like me or hate me, please ignore me or at least ask me to go away. But please do not hurt me like this. By putting me in despair and confusion, it would not settle anything. Yes, I am blaming you for this. You are the one who promise me the world and when you broke it down, you promise me again that you will be there for me in any situations. And, only death can separate us. But now, where are you?? For countless time, you were not there and indeed you keep on running away.

For you my dear, you know who you are, I do not want to lose you. You are one of my 'bestest' friends. You know me well. You were always there if I needed you. And, you know when is the right time that I need you most. But, why are treating me like this? Even worse, why are you keep on running away?? Don't you feel tired? Fine, fine, I am not blaming you, it is just a feeling of regrets that you are not being there for me. I know it sounds selfish but you are selfish too.hehe..

p.s: it's just a piece of my thoughts. forgive me.


  1. cube dengar lagu funeral song by the rasmus!

  2. relationships are pretty unpredictable.. =)

  3. syima syaz: uhh..sedey sgt lagu tu..:(

    kenwooi: couldnt agree more..sometimes when we get to know other closer, we're getting apart indeed..

  4. may be she/he only wants to be alone, in a momment :D keep positif feeling :)

  5. sugar2 kapas: yep2..couldn't agree more=100% agree... :)

    pelangi nurani: thank you. your comment has enlightend me..


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