Monday, February 15, 2010

Kuih LOw FAt

My brother is getting married in a month from now. It is just a blink away. I would not write about the preparation in term on the event, things etc. but about him. This morning my sister, my brother and I went to Bukit Keledang for hiking. We went there to accompany him. He is so determine in losing his weight. By now, he is losing 5 kilos. He is not that fat, seriously!!!! But maybe because of the mind setting that he is getting married and to keep fit and healthy for the 'alam berumahtangga' (heheheh....) he does everything that is possible. He eats lots of fruits. He only drink plain water. No ice okay. Even if we were having dinner at mapley, he ordered warm apple juice without sugar. He does not eat at night. He does not eat rice. He eats Quaker Oat. He exercises in the morning and in the evening. He sits up in his room. And, all it takes is only strong courage to do so. I am so green with envy at him. After all, I wish him all the best in losing his weight. Another 5 kilos okay. Dear you, please take this as a challenge for you to lose your weight!!!
Owh, by the way, after our hiking just now, he asked us to buy him KUIH LOW FAT... is there any??? hahahaha

p.s: later i'll upload all the piccas ok!! wee~


  1. Bestnya hiking! I tk pernah hiking ok! tsk tsk. and bestnya abang u nk kawen. -.-''

  2. hehe..marila hiking same2 yet merisaukan~ hehe

  3. comel gile kot nk cr kueh low fat!

    ahhaaa :p


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