Monday, February 22, 2010


The sky is falling. That is what I felt just now. It has been hours and hours of hearing the same sound from the sky. You may label me as insane but I am sure I am not. Not only me felt and heard that sound. My friends too. It sounds like something is cracking up there. You may say that as the fireworks, but what festive they are celebrating right now?? And the sounds can be heard from yesterday.

Well, I hope that it just the sign of raining. Cats and Dogs. Yeah! It's too hot lately, so maybe rain will pouring down soon. AND, let's hope there is no war coming here and the sound is not from the guns whatsoever. THINK POSITIVE!!!

However, let me share some general signs that the world is going to end.

  • There will be bloodshed everywhere and there will be neither justice nor peace.
  • There will be no mercy, no love and no sympathy - people will not trust each other.
  • Marriages between man and man, between woman and woman will flourish.
  • The world is getting hotter.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Morality is declining.
  • so on and so forth....

SO, are you ready????

p.s: Owh, by the way, have you watched CHICKEN LITTLE??? The movie is about Chicken Little who is trying to gain back the neighbourhood's trusts after he claimed that the sky is falling down. But, it's not. He struggles to restrore his reputation. And, after he redeemed himself, the sky is really falling down. What happened next?? Do watch it and enjoy!!!!


  1. yaiyy,,,i guess so,,the goverment should take dis as an important issue,dunia daa nk kiamat,semua bnda2 pelik terjadi

    kommentlaa entri baru sy plak

  2. erk, apa kaitan muvi tu dengan post ni?

    muvi tu sgt best, NK minat!

  3. Ustazah,
    One more thing..,
    When power and leadership given to the people who are not capable of leading, who are corrupt, power crazy and less intelligent that the follower.

    Its happening, nowadays, everywhere in the world when the gap between the rich and poor is
    sky high. When we see the rich are living in a palace and the poor are living in a carton box...

    Alamak!! bebel panjanglah pulak. Marah tuan blog ni nanti.

  4. NK: movie tu sngt best..kaitan nye bile chicken little berlari2 menjerit 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!'


  5. SD: ade pulak ustazah..sgt la tak layak..huhu..dun worry, xmarah punye..


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