Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nasi Lemak for Sale!!!

two heads are better than one? is it so? i guess sometimes it may be true and other times it may not be applicable though..what crap am i writing here..i guess the mind is not fully function anymore. i need my beautiful sleep..but before that, let me share the experiences we had gone through today. i think i have mentioned before that my friends and i are concentrating on our final projects at the moment. we are required to manage a seminar on professional development. in order to do so, we have to collect our own fund. thus, what we are doing right now, we are striving our best in the fund raising program. we sell t-shirt and button badges as one of our ways in raising fund. it is quite an achievement yet we still have to sell the t-shirt more and more. besides that, EVERY WEDNESDAY, my friends and i are selling yummilicious NASI LEMAK at very low price and it is fantastic. after the hard work for the whole day, Alhamdulillah syukur rezeki menyebelahi kami. we managed to sell quite a number today. though the process was quite energy sucker, but at the end of the day we can proudly smile that we managed to do it. nothing is imposible. we have to be positive. and we have to bare in mind that nothing comes easily without any efforts to grab it. congrats on the selling dear friends. we have lots of things to do but with great teamwork, anything is possible. félicitation et bonne chance!!!

p.s: i have tons to write and share, but i just can't at the moment.. i need my momentum back~


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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