Saturday, March 6, 2010


There is nothing will last forever.
Even our own flesh and blood.
Somewhere and somehow they will be gone.
Far away that we could not touch again.

I was not able to sleep yet.
Just finished a bundle of things to do.
I did not able to online like always.
There are lots of things need me to focus on.
And now I am at my lovely hometown.
And that also explain why am I not here like I always do.

In a few hours, I'll be losing him.
We are going to lose him.
He will not be ours anymore.
He will be having his own life.
He will be officially someone's husband.

Nothing could explain my feeling.
I feel happy for him.
But, at the same time I feel sad.
So sad.
I do not know.
It just that,
I did not expected it will be this soon.
It's a mixture of feelings, I guess.

For my dear you,
I will always pray for your happiness.
Hope it will be a prosperous one.
Eternal and Infinity.
May ALLAH bless.
Love you lots!

This is him. My one and only brother.

p.s: I have ironed his baju melayu just now, maybe that will be the last..sayu~

p.s.s: lots of things to do. can I cut my body and mind into pieces??


  1. ala..jgn sedey2..
    even dia kawen pon dia still abg kamoo lg..
    nti kamoo pon akn kawen gak kn???weeeeeeee ;)

  2. aww..u should be happy for ur bro

  3. Hanna, be tough..maybe ini perasaan yang sementara. He's not going anywhere. Dia darah daging kamu sampai bila2.. :)


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