Tuesday, May 11, 2010

is it a sign for me to back off or it is just a sign for me to appreciate more?

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have to choose between choices you have?? Sometimes the choices are the one you believe in for quite some time but at one point you are not able to choose for you are being uncertain about it?? Robert Frost has written a poem entitled 'The Road Not Taken' about making choices which he advised on taking the road less traveled. But, how do we know that the road less traveled is the safest way for us? If it is not the safest anyway, how do we guarantee the way we chose is the one that benefited us later? I believe that nothing is guaranteed when we make choices. Once we have made our decision, we have to believe and trust upon our Creator. He knows what is the best for us. If the decisions we made turn out to be such a failure, do not blame others and blaming yourselves. Take it as the circumstances and challenges for you to achieve greater things in life. We learn best from our experience as it is the best teacher. Thus, by reflecting the things we have done yesterdays will make us a better person today and it will help us to be much better person for tomorrow. Life is moving too fast you could not even count every second of it. If we waste a minute of our life, we are actually sacrificing every second of our future. Life is all about making choices. We have to choose!!

Well, actually I am going to choose something for my life. It is the thing I have been praying for quite some time. I have been asking for the signs from God, and now I am quite confused. I am uncertain whether the things which are happening right now are the signs given for me or not. Is this what I am hoping for? Is this what I am praying for? Or is this what I am wishing for? Do I have to back off or I just have to stay and learn to appreciate more?? I do not know. Or maybe this is my defense mechanism to not accept things as the way they are? Today, when I believe that I have made the decision, another sign came the other way around. It totally mixed-up my mind which I need time to rethink. But, as I mentioned above, time do not awaits us. So, I have to do what I have to. I have to work hard on it and believe that if it is written for us, InsyaAllah it will come to you. But, you have to work hard, believe and have faith on Him.

p.s: Sorry for judging you. It was good to hear from you. You are OK and I am OK.

p.s.s: Will always pray for you.

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